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Delight A New Mom With These 2 Amazing Tech Innovations

by | May 14, 2017 | Lifestyle

We’ve come to rely on technology to make our lives easier when it comes to the difficult jobs in life—bomb disposal, space exploration, companionship. But what about parenting? Is there gear out there specifically for the new or expecting mother in all of our lives?

Of course there is. And in the spirit of Mother’s Day, we’ve got the perfect innovative tech to share with the moms (or dads) out there who love having their lives made easier thanks to the Internet of Things.


One way to thrill parents is to get them an Ellie: a smart healthcare tool that helps them beat germs before they become a problem for their kids. Because few things can alarm, stress, and scare parents more than a sick baby.

With its powerful, portable, rechargeable, and easy-to-use UV sterilizer, the Ellie lets parents safely kill 99% of harmful germs and bacteria in roughly 60 seconds. That’s much less time and hassle than boiling, steaming or using artificial chemicals to disinfect items.

Parents will be amazed by the Ellie’s combination of reliable everyday convenience with medical grade standards:

  • There is proven science behind the patented TRUVIOLET UV technology.
  • The chamber is large enough to hold most bottles, pacifiers, small toys, and whatever else needs sterilizing, but it can also fit into a diaper bag (for the responsible parent on the go).
  • The durable and easily cleaned case is BPA-free and non-toxic.
  • Its battery can be charged by micro-USB and lasts up to one week.

The Ellie can even sterilize water. (Source: Ellie Indiegogo Page)

For those of you with a global perspective, Ellie’s makers say “a sterile baby bottle is just the beginning of what UV LED technology can do.” They want to use TRUVIOLET UV sterilization to annihilate MRSA, Staph, E.coli and other dangerous germs for children all over the world.

But in the meantime, you can pick up an Ellie for $129 later this year or pre-order one now for $103 plus shipping on Indiegogo.

Snoo Smart Sleeper

While you’re giving Mom and Dad some extra peace of mind about their baby’s health with the Ellie, you can also get them something they really crave: a few more hours sleep.

By reacting to a baby’s crying with gentle swinging and white noise, the SNOO Smart Sleeper from Happiest Baby helps babies snooze longer without interruption. Less exhaustion for babies means you’re a hero to grateful parents, or at least a good friend or relative.

The SNOO automated sleeper, from Happiest Baby

SNOO’s secret recipe for happier babies is the integration of proven pediatric science with a wired and app-synced bed. Following what co-designer pediatrician and newborn sleep expert Dr. Harvey Karp calls “the 5 S’s”, the Snoo responds to your baby’s crying and stirring with gentle swinging and white noise. Babies then sleep quieter for longer stretches of time until they really need to get up (e.g. when it’s food or diaper time).

Dr. Karp and co-designer Yves Behar are confident that the SNOO works for babies up to 6 months of age (or until they’re up on their hands and knees). After observing that over 200 babies tested had less crying and more sleep, they promise that newborns “are immediately safer and usually start to sleep better in 1-2 days” while babies “over 6 weeks are immediately safer, but may take 5-7 days to start sleeping better.”

Normally priced at $1,160, the SNOO is currently available for $960 including free shipping as part of a Mother’s Day special with promotional code “MOM250”. It comes with a 30-day risk-free trial promising a full refund (including shipping), as well as one SNOO organic cotton fitted sheet, one SNOO mattress, and three SNOO swaddling “sacks”.

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