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SmartPlate Updates Your Appetite with its Personalized Nutrition App

by | May 11, 2017 | Health

Everyone has their own diet goals. Some people want to break the world taco eating record (126 tacos in 8 minutes, if you’re feeling competitive), while others just want to eat healthier.

You have to make hard decisions if you’re in the second category. What foods should you eat? How much? Where should your food come from? Should you avoid all these questions by grabbing a one-size-fits-all diet plan or a grocery cart full of Lean Cuisine?

You have better options, suggests Campbell Soup Company CEO Denise Morrison. “We’re all different ages, sizes, shapes, genders and we all have different lifestyles. We’re quickly moving to bespoke diets that enable tailored and informed nutritional food choices.”

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In short, welcome to the new world of personalized nutrition: products that help you select foods based on a detailed reading of your body.

Anthony Ortiz, Founder and CEO of Fitly with the SmartPlate

Fitly’s SmartPlate

Fitly’s SmartPlate with companion app TopView calls itself “the world’s first Intelligent Nutrition Platform.” Intended as a Fitbit for healthy eating—a seamless integration of gear and app into a fitter lifestyle—the SmartPlate promises a faster and more accurate way to help you manage your food decisions.

The triple partitioning on the SmartPlate dish helps to balance food servings, mitigating what Fitly calls “portion distortion.” Once you snap a picture with TopView, the app then uses a proprietary image recognition process combined with predictive searching and a substantial database to precisely identify what and how much you’re eating. That database includes over 1,000 foods and the menus from 600 national chain restaurants.

The SmartPlate with accompanying Topview App

With nutritional information such as protein, fats, carbs, and calories available in a matter of seconds, TopView eliminates manual guesswork, list searching, and calculations. What’s more—everything integrates with your wearable fitness gear (e.g. Apple Watch, Fitbit).

All that’s left is the most important part of any healthy diet: actually eating the food.

You can try the TopView app for free, although Fitly designed it to work best with the SmartPlate. The SmartPlate comes with a lifetime premium TopView subscription and is currently available on Indiegogo for $79 ($99 with a special $20 discount). Fitly anticipates beginning shipments sometime later this summer.

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